Monday, December 19, 2011

Reading topics for next few weeks

I've been reading some interesting economic books for the last few weeks, including "Freakonomics" and "Predictably Irrational" which both are famous NYTimes bestsellers. My interesting to this type of books partly results from their long-time popularity and partly from Lao Luo's introduction. In addition, I've been also reading or plan to read books written by Macom Gladwell, another bestseller author. These include: "Blink", "Tipping point" and "outliers". These bestsellers are quite attractive because of their funny stories. Hopefully I can acquire more info than stories.

The other topic I plan to explore in the next few weeks is the modern Chinese history. For some unknown reason, I'm quite interested in this topic. I always wanna know what happened in the past 100 years in China. This curiosity may stem from the feeling that I'm fucking cheated by the history text books issued by CCP government. I could not stand being deliberately cheated for so many years by those bastards, so I need to find out the truth. Sometimes I even think that this (finding out the truth of the fabricated modern Chinese history) is about dignity.

So I borrowed two books from library, "Mao: the unknown history" and "A personal memory of Mao's physician". I've read the Chinese versions of these books when I was in Beijing. But somehow, I wanna read their english versions. Anyway, I have forgotten those interesting details. It is worthy reading them again. I should also note that Ludi, an amateur internet writer whom I like, gives a pretty high evaluation to these 2 books.